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Michael Nobile

Michael Nobile is the CEO of Nobile Hinchey Private Wealth Management, an independent financial services firm serving high-net-worth families and business owners near Glastonbury, Connecticut. Michael brings 35 plus years of experience in the wealth management industry and is extremely knowledgeable in retirement income and tax advantaged strategies. His firm offers tax-savvy financial planning and wealth management to affluent families throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, including Hartford, Avon, Farmington, and also throughout South Florida, including Miami and Boca Raton.

Who He Serves

Michael works with affluent families and business owners approaching or living in retirement. He understands their concerns of capital preservation, income generation, and downside protection. Michael and his team take the time to get to know the families they serve to understand their unique needs, challenges, and dreams. Working together, he and his clients create strategies to help protect their assets and transition their wealth from one generation to another.

Concierge Service

Clients choose to work with Nobile Hinchey Private Wealth Management because they seek sophisticated tax strategies to help grow and preserve their family’s wealth. They continue to work with Michael and his team throughout the years due to his firm’s concierge level of service and support. Michael's firm strives to offer a concierge level wealth management experience.

Maximizing After-Tax Wealth

Nobile Hinchey Private Wealth Management offers a unique integration of wealth management with tax planning to help maximize their clients’ wealth after taxes. By collaborating with clients’ CPAs, estate planning attorneys, and other professionals, the firm is able to serve as a dedicated team of professionals. By using sophisticated tax accounting and customized tax gain and loss harvesting, Michael and his team assist the clients with tax savings.

Partnering with CPAs

Michael is also the CEO of CPA Squared, a turnkey system that integrates comprehensive wealth management services into CPA firms. CPA Squared coaches CPAs to successfully add wealth management services to their existing practices. The successful CPA Squared model includes a step-by-step process to help CPAs strengthen current client relationships as well as develop new ones. By integrating comprehensive wealth management services, Michael's CPA partners are empowered to exceed client expectations and outpace their competition.

Meet Michael

Michael is driven by his passion for coaching people towards the goals that are most important to them. This motivation began when he was a college football player and grew throughout his career as a College Hall of Fame Youth Football Coach. He most enjoys collaborating and strategizing with clients to help them pursue their dreams.

Outside the office, Michael enjoys time with his wife, two children, and two grandchildren. Longtime Glastonbury residents, they now reside in East Hampton. It’s Michael’s dream to introduce his grandchildren to his business and work together someday.