Part 4 of 4: What Our Continuation Plan Provides You

Part 4 of 4: What Our Continuation Plan Provides You

January 22, 2016
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Last week, we shared how an advisor’s lack of a succession plan could affect you and your financial strategies. In the final part of our succession planning series, we’re sharing our continuation plan and what this means for you.

Creating a continuation plan means having a strategy so business continues as usual. Having a succession plan in place helps protect you. We would never want to put you in a position to lose your family office. To build our firm so that it can continue to offer outstanding service into the future, we have team members who understand our methods and philosophy. This can help ensure that you receive the same high level of service.

Our team plans to continue serving you to the best of our ability delivering the following:

  • Ongoing education. We are passionate about being on the cutting edge of investment research and the opportunity we have to make a positive impact on our clients’ lives. We proactively stay up-to-date with the latest market trends, maintain advanced credentials, and participate in conferences and continuing education to ensure we can provide you appropriate recommendations.

  • Asking for feedback. We take the time to learn about your experience with us and what you seek from an advisor. By understanding your preferences, we can tailor our communication, process, and services to fit your specific needs. Please feel free to share your thoughts on how we may serve you better.

  • Continuous improvement. We believe there is always room for improvement. We constantly seek opportunities to improve in our pursuit to provide the highest level of service.

  • Frequent communication. We aim to stay engaged with you year-round, even if we only meet in-person once a year to rebalance your portfolio. Throughout the year, we share blog posts, send email newsletters, and stay active on social media. And, of course, whenever you have a question, we’re here to provide you an answer in-person or via phone or email.

  • Ongoing advice. Considering buying a second home? Changing employers? Expecting a new child? We understand that as life changes, so do your financial strategies and needs. We’re here to help you make adjustments to your strategies, offer advice, and provide support as you navigate life’s many milestones.

  • Collaborating with other professionals. When needed, we collaborate with your other trusted professionals, such as your CPA or attorney, to assist with the develop of tax strategies, estate plans, and more. Likewise, if you are a CPA firm or attorney, we can partner with you to provide financial services to your clients.

  • The creation of your family’s succession plan. Just as we have our own continuation plan, we are here to help you implement your own succession plan designed to protect your business or family. If your financial plan doesn’t currently include a succession plan, it’s time to meet with us to develop one.

We want Nobile Hinchey Private Wealth Management to serve as a lifelong guide for you and your heirs for generations to come. Have you recently experienced a life change or have questions about your current financial strategies? We welcome you to ask any questions or request a meeting by emailing us at, or calling our office at (860) 659-5977.