Did You Know We Run on Referrals?

Did You Know We Run on Referrals?

August 11, 2019
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Our business is different from other businesses in a few ways, but perhaps one of the main differences is how it grows and flourishes. Simply put, our business runs on referrals, and we are grateful for them.

Your generous referrals are especially important because of a strange rule in the financial services industry. Did you know that because of regulations in our industry, sharing, posting or advertising testimonials from clients is strictly prohibited, regardless of the experience? So, because we can’t use or ask for testimonials, referrals are crucial and essential for building our company!

Thankfully, we’ve been fortunate to work with a wide range of clients who show their confidence in us by referring their friends and family to our firm. We believe these referrals happen for a few different reasons:

1. Our Dedication to Helping Others

Like many people, we have a desire to help others. We want to assist people with things that are truly fundamental to them and their families. Finances are important. Insurance is necessary. Planning is vital. But most people seem to struggle with making decisions with all of these things. We desire to use our strengths to guide individuals with these extremely significant things that come effortlessly to us.

2. Our Independence

We chose to become independent financial advisors so that we wouldn’t be limited in the ways that we can serve our clients. We are not tied to any particular company, product, or ideology, so we can do what is genuinely in your best interest. We put you first and want to see you succeed more than anything else.

3. Our Wholehearted Commitment to our Clients

We love that in our line of work we get to choose who we work with. We always strive to only take on new clients who we believe we can make a difference with. Because we genuinely care about them, we work hard for our clients and take our responsibility to them very seriously. They trust that we will work hard to make sure things are taken care of and done according to their plan.

Our mission is to get to know and understand your needs, wants, and long-term goals. We want to help you develop, implement, and monitor a strategy that’s designed to address your individual situation so that your goals become a reality.

4. Our Guarantee of Transparency

We are committed to providing real value in what we do, with reasonable fees that are clear and understandable. We aim to make a complicated process simple and educate you to make your own financial decisions. We are available anytime for questions by email, phone, or in person.

5. We Are Never Too Busy to Help

One of the reasons we work with a select number of clients is so we can provide personalized attention and care to each client, as well as their loved ones. When you have questions about your financial future, we are here to help. If you have a friend or family member who has questions or needs unbiased advice, we are always available.

If you’re a client, and you’ve enjoyed working with us, we hope you’ll refer a friend, colleague, or family member who may benefit from our services. You can also pass along this article to your friends and family and let them know we are happy to speak with them if they have any questions. Give us a call today at (860) 659-5977 x213 or email me at shinchey@nhpwm.com to schedule an appointment to sit down and discuss your unique needs.  

About Scott Hinchey

Scott Hinchey is a Managing Partner with Nobile Hinchey Private Wealth Management, an independent investment advisory firm serving high-net-worth families and business owners near Glastonbury, Connecticut. The firm offers tax-savvy financial planning and wealth management to affluent families throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, including Hartford, Avon, Farmington, and also throughout South Florida, including Miami and Boca Raton.

He strives to offer honest, upfront, and thorough in explanations of the options available to his clients to help them make educated decisions. He focuses on providing sophisticated wealth planning and investment management strategies to his clients. Analytical by nature, he works together with clients to set compelling goals and create strategies to pursue those goals. He finds fulfilment in helping families pursue financial freedom and find confidence in their financial plans.